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Marguerite Reid Memorial

Highland Dance Workshop

Show Your Passion for Highland Dance!

Consignment Sale

Start off the new year looking for outfits and accessories at our Saturday consignment sale. Here are some of the key points for this year’s sale:

  • Print and fill out the registration form (DOC or PDF) for the items that you are selling. Please also use the TAG (DOC or PDF) sheet provided.

  • Bring the registration form along with the tagged items to the consignment area on Saturday morning.
  • Morning drop-off of items in the consignment area will be from 8:45-9:15 am Saturday.

  • Please bring all costume/clothing items on hangers. Tartan hose should be in a baggie and safety pinned to the costume or hanger. Shoes should be tied together (ghillies, jig shoes, etc.).

  • The morning breaks between classes will be extended to 10 minutes to allow time for dancers to try on outfits. Dancers may not leave class to try-on outfits.

  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE are sale items permitted to leave the consignment area

  • Sale items will not be held till lunch time. If your held item is not tried on during the break, it will be returned to the racks. Example: If you put an item on hold at 9 am and do not have your dancer try it on at the next break, it will be returned to the racks. This allows sellers and customers a fair
    chance at selling and purchasing an item.

  • The sale will run on Saturday between 9:15 am and 4 pm.

  • Pick up time for unsold items is 4:30 pm on Saturday.

  • Sellers will be paid via PayPal. Please see new consignment sheet and be sure to enter your PayPal email address to ensure you are paid quickly!!

If you have questions regarding the consignment procedure or using the form please contact us by clicking on the MRM logo below.